Company Policy

What this company is about


My aim is to leave my clients accurately informed, well advised and satisfied with my service. I endeavour to uphold high standards of professionalism and fairness in all my dealings.

My intention at all times is to work safely to protect my clients and others where I am at work on site. I will also bring to my client’s attention any dangers I come across while surveying their site. I hold and keep under review a Health & Safety Policy. I conduct a risk assessment on arriving at the client’s property. I hold a health and safety SKILL card in 'Building Air Integrity Sealing/Testing'

It is my wish to maintain good relations with my clients throughout the contract and beyond. If this should unfortunately break down, I have a complaints procedure which is outlined in my terms and conditions. I give my client a copy of this in addition to my accreditation body’s complaints procedure when I arrive at the client’s site if not before.

I operate a client feedback process in order to maintain and improve the standard of my dealings with my clients.


I am qualified by the Awarding Body for the Built Environment (ABBE) accordingly:

  • Domestic Energy Assessment to NVQ level 3
  • Home Energy Advice to NVQ level 3
  • On Construction Energy Assessment to NVQ level 3

I am also qualified by the Ifrared Training Centre (ITC) in Thermography to Level 1
and by BSRIA in Air Tightness to Level 1

My standard of assessment is regularly monitored by my accreditation bodies: Stroma and ATTMA. I work under a code of practice prescribed by National Occupational Standards.

I maintain my knowledge via a process of continual development (CPD), in excess of the minimum requirement demanded by the accrediting bodies. In so doing I keep constantly abreast of the latest technology, techniques and knowledge about energy efficiency measures, schemes and finance opportunities.

I am not tied commercially to any company which undertakes building work or the fitting of services into buildings. Neither am I connected with any firm which offers building materials or goods and therefore I am truly independent and my advice is completely impartial.

I am in association with other compliance professionals who are approved by me, in order to offer a full range of services. In some cases I receive a small commission for referrals.

When recommending improvements I will not propose any particular contractor or building professional. I may, however, offer our clients a list of contacts known to be reliable from whom they can obtain quotes. I would always advise clients to obtain several quotes before awarding the contract to one of them.


Reduce - At my premises I reduce the amount of printed matter as much as I can and run a paperless office as far as possible by using electronic communication.

I have energy efficient electrical equipment and low energy lighting. All electrical equipment and lights are turned off when not in use - no computers or lights are left on overnight.

Reuse - I reuse the blank side of waste paper for internal use before recycling. I upgrade computers rather than replace them. I repair equipment in preference to scrapping it. Unwanted equipment is sold or given to charity rather than discarding it.

Recycle - I sort for recycling: all paper, card, metal, metal foil, plastic, glass, batteries, CF lamps, wood, electrical equipment and endeavour to recycle anything else which cannot be reused or repaired. I compost all organic matter.

My buying policy is to purchase recycled products as much as possible. To try to buy products which have been sustainably designed and manufactured. To cut out unnecessary purchasing.

It is necessary to use a van to carry my equipment to different sites. This is an electric vehicle. Long distance journeys are made by public transport where possible.

Spreading the Message - I take every opportunity to encourage environmentally considerate values and work with contractors and others I deal with to adopt similar practices to these.

I am a member of: Green Register of Construction Professionals, Centre for Alternative Technology, New Economics Foundation, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and Sustainable Devizes.

I have a commitment for continuous improvement across my whole policy and I monitor progress annually.