Useful contacts for help and information

RELATING TO ENERGY SAVING - Energy Saving Trust the main centre for energy saving advice. - Centre for Alternative Technology's site about achieving zero carbon. - Ecological footprint calculator (measures how many Earths you would need for everyone on the planet to live as you do). - home energy advice, home visits, grants.

RELATING TO BUILDINGS - National Centre for Self Build and Renovation at Swindon - find insulation companies and more information - the sustainable building association. - Self build, self help group in Bath and surrounding area. - Building Research Establishment display of eco homes. - German standard for eco homes - could become the European standard. - Canadian standard for eco homes, advice and contractors. - company producing small, complete eco buildings for garden, holiday home.

BUILDING MATERIALS - online building centre specialising in environmentally friendly building materials - and another! - one of the companies which deal with rainwater harvesting. - about the miracle aerogel insulation material. - insulation quilting - another form of insulation.

RENEWABLE TECHNOLOGIES - suppliers and installers of a wide variety of renewable technologies. - Whisper Gen stirling engine combined heat and power unit - Wiltshire Wildlife Community Energy - community energy company supported by local investors. - Kennet Community Energy - community energy company supported by local investors.

LOCAL ENVIRONMENTAL ORGANISATIONS - environmental network for Devizes - Transition Marlborough - Climate Friendly Bradford-on-Avon - Wiltshire Orchards, was Wiltshire World Changers, a network co-ordinated by Wiltshire Council's Energy, Change and Opportunities team

ENVIRONMENTAL - Centre for Alternative Technology - environmental products catalogue - Wiltshire Scrapstore take scrap material for schools etc. to use.

FINANCIAL - sympathetic mortgages for eco-improvements

ASSOCIATES - Stroma energy assessor accrediting body. - Centre for Sustainable Design - Air Tightness Testing and Measurement Association - Green Register of Construction Professionals - Domestic EPCs for existing dwellings, legionella testing - Domestic and Commercial EPCs for existing properties, home energy advice. Despite the URL, based in Salisbury

TRAINING - Awarding Body for hthe Built Environment (ABBE). - test instruments training and research

ETHICAL TRADING COMPANIES (I am pleased to endorse) - Rapanui is about making cool eco-fashion for young people; that means clothing that is eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable - eco products for home and garden - more eco products for home and garden