Home Energy Advice

Do you want to stop your home wasting energy and money?

images of insulated pipes, diagram of heat loss from a house, section view of cavity wall insulation

Then you would benefit from independent advice from an accredited Home Energy Advisor. A home energy survey by Environomic includes:

  • A full visual survey of your home to evaluate its potential for energy saving improvements
  • If required, an in depth measured survey to determine its energy efficiency.
  • In any case, a thorough report setting out your strategy for a sustainable future including advice on grants and finance currently available.
  • A face to face meeting to explain and discuss the report.


You want to improve your home, but you don't know where to start and you don't want to be rushed into buying someone's product without knowing what all the options are.

I am not bound to any other commercial enterprise and can therefore give truly independent advice. My service is about giving you the complete picture and putting you in control of what improvements you will make and when.


- and the needs and opportunities for releasing its energy saving potential varies from one to another. There is plenty of general advice around and this is helpful, but really you need a thorough survey of your particular property to know where you are starting from, what you can do and when it is best to do it.


Well it is about two things, improving the energy efficiency of the property and using the property in the most efficient way.

On the improvement front, the primary upgrade is insulation - walls, roof and floor but:

  • Do you have cavity walls?
  • Do you have a room in the roof?
  • Are your floors solid?

Some properties are straight forward, but most throw up some sort of problem which has to be handled differently. I am a building professional who knows how your property has been built and will know all the options for improvement. I also keep abreast of fast moving developments in building technology. You may even be advised to wait before doing some of the work.

On top of all this there are renewable technologies, water conservation and environmental considerations.

The improvement work will help considerably, but unless you use the building in the right way you will lose a lot of the benefit. You can save even more energy and money by being more careful with the energy you use. A useful list of tips and useful references, some familiar, some not so, is included in Environomic's report and advice session.


First of all, energy saving improvements to the property are probably the only ones which pay for themselves over time. Cavity wall insulation pays for itself in about a year, for instance.

Secondly, after paying for itself, you save money and the amount will become more significant as fuel prices rise.

Thirdly, energy efficiency will become a much more significant part of a property's value in the future, so you are at least preserving, if not adding to, the value of your property.


For a visual survey I charge £50 and this may be enough for you to proceed with your energy improving measures. You may benefit from a more thorough survey and we can discuss this with no obligation on your part. For instance you may want to know the cost benefit of installing some types of insulation or renewable technologies. This would require a full survey so that I can know the predicted heat loss of the dwelling and calculate the likely cost savings based on standard occupancy norms. Alternatively you may benefit from a more thorough thermal imaging survey. I would give you a firm quote for any further work, which you would be under no obligation to take up.

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