Building Fault Finding

Do you have a problem with heat loss, drafts, heat distribution or damp?

Thermal images of a house and a heating system

It can be hard to find the cause of some problems which occur in buildings. This is where specialist equipment can reveal the extent of the problem and point to what might be the source. The techniques I employ are non-invasive, so I don't drill holes, pull carpets up or dismantle anything. The survey is followed up by a report with photos and infra red images which can then be used as a guide to the builder or plumber, saving their time and disruption to you so they can get on with exposing the problem and fixing it.


The first piece of equipment I have is a FLIR T360 thermal imager. This is a camera which can only see heat (infra red light - IR). You will no doubt have seen strange, multi-coloured images of houses, cars, animals or anything else which gives off heat (if not, see above). The colours represent different intensities of heat which are very revealing.

There are people who are offering their services who have cheap, low resolution IR cameras - often about 160 x 120 pixels. These can reveal something, but to collect images that truly explain what is happening, you need a high enough resolution camera - at least 320 x 240 pixels. This doesn't sound like a lot when you consider ordinary photography and it isn't, the image is small. What you see on the camera's screen is what you get - it does not blow up like a visual range photograph. There are higher resolution IR cameras but they become prohibitively expensive as the resolution goes higher. My IR camera has a high enough resolution to tell you a lot about what is going on in your house.

Other useful tools

I use a variety of small devices to measure moisture in the air and in the building fabric; air pressure; temperature; and air flow. Some of these communicate with the thermal imager to build a comprehensive picture of what is happening but can't be seen by the naked eye.

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